Chadwick Blackwell has always valued higher education. Chadwick Carter Blackwell knew as a young boy that he wanted to pursue his education beyond the high school level. As Chadwick Blackwell became an adult, he truly understood the value of stability in a career path. Thus, Chadwick Carter Blackwell chose to pursue his collegiate career shortly after his high school graduation. A natural observer, Chadwick Blackwell was drawn to psychology and ultimately achieved his Bachelor’s Degree. From there, Chadwick Carter Blackwell attained a Master’s Degree. Setting his career off to a great start, Chadwick Blackwell was certainly reaping the benefits of all his hard work.

Once he received his Master’s Degree, Chadwick Blackwell’s professional career took off. After spending some time in his field, Chadwick Carter Blackwell decided to earn specialized education. For Chadwick Blackwell, a Ph.D. allows one to obtain specialized and in depth education in their chosen field. Chadwick Carter Blackwell particularly enjoyed the pursuit of his doctoral degree because it was research intensive, research being something that comes naturally to him. Chadwick Blackwell believes that obtaining a Ph.D. truly can give a professional a mark of distinction in their chosen field.

Chadwick Carter Blackwell received his Ph.D. from the University of Virginia in 2003. Going on to become the founder of three unique businesses, Chadwick Blackwell attained his resiliency for hard work while overcoming the challenges presented by the doctoral program at the University of Virginia. Utilizing his expertise gained from the rigorous course of study at UV, Chadwick Blackwell has successfully realized his professional dreams through the development of his companies.

Chadwick Blackwell urges those apprehensive about pursuing their doctoral degree that it is challenging, but extremely worth the time and money. Chadwick Carter Blackwell currently benefits from the knowledge received through the doctoral program through his successful business ventures.


Chadwick Blackwell, devoted husband and father of two, loves nothing more than his ability to be an amazing parent. Chadwick Carter Blackwell has always been a family man. Placing high value in a strong and healthy family environment, Chadwick Blackwell and his wife have worked hard to provide a stable life for their children. As a Christian, Chadwick Blackwell also feels that his role as a father has improved his relationship with God. Enjoying participating in community and church activities with his family, Chadwick Carter Blackwell remains active when not hard at work.

Chadwick Carter Blackwell also knows that being a good father is not something mastered overnight. With help from his wife and guidance from veteran parents, Chadwick Blackwell has consistently aimed to be the best father possible. According to Chadwick Blackwell, being a good father takes patience, consistency, and lots of love. A keen observer, Chadwick Carter Blackwell has enjoyed watching his two sons grow up over the years. Triggering fond memories of his own childhood, Chadwick Blackwell recalls that watching your children learn and discover is one of the highlights of parenting. Chadwick Carter Blackwell has not stopped learning about development and life in general since becoming a parent, viewing the adventure as one of the best experiences of his life.

Inspired by what he’s learned on his fatherly journey, Chadwick Blackwell shares his experiences with other new fathers that may have some trepidation about becoming a parent. Over the years, Chadwick Carter Blackwell has made connections with other parents and has gained much assistance whenever he wasn’t sure about a parenting issue. Although patience is a hard trait to master for anyone, particularly a parent, Chadwick Blackwell has seemed to overcome the challenge with great success. Regarded by his wife, Carrie, and sons as a loving husband and devoted father, Chadwick Carter Blackwell always makes time to spend with his family.


Chadwick Blackwell is a successful business man and loving husband and father. Chadwick Carter Blackwell has enjoyed a successful career and a happy, healthy family. Chadwick Blackwell views his happy personal and professional life as a direct result of his strong faith in Jesus. Raised a Christian, Chadwick Carter Blackwell not only values his foundation in faith but strives to instill a strong sense of faith in his children. Spending his weekends attending church with his family, Chadwick Blackwell enjoys the strength that his faith gives him to continuously overcome obstacles.

Chadwick Carter Blackwell loves being a husband and father more so than any other titles he has held. A college educated researcher, Chadwick Blackwell says that his faith is what has gotten him through the toughest times. Chadwick Carter Blackwell recalls one particularly trying time as being the last three years of his life, as he struggled to redefine his life’s purpose. He told us in a phone interview, “If it wasn’t for God, my wife Carrie, and my family, I am certain my story would not have the happy ending that is developing. Redemption and restoration are God’s promises to those who are faithful and obedient.”

Now in the process of juggling three very different businesses, Chadwick Blackwell relies on his relationship with God for guidance and encourages his family members to build their relationship with God as well. Active in his congregation, Chadwick Blackwell feels that his faith is just one more avenue that leads to connections with others and builds a unique community of believers. Over the years, Chadwick Carter Blackwell has come to rely upon and trust members of his congregation much like members of his own family.

Chadwick Blackwell’s faith in God is profound and he places high importance in God and family. A highly educated businessman, Chadwick Carter Blackwell is never too busy with his life or career to pray and continue to strengthen his faith in God.


Chadwick Blackwell believes that non-profits provide an invaluable service to the community. In Chadwick Carter Blackwell’s experience, these can includes services for the homeless, transitional housing, child care services, and various other agencies that support the health and wellbeing of the community. For Chadwick Blackwell, a thriving community is essential to the happiness of its members, and vice versa. Having an impressive background as a top notch researcher, Chadwick Blackwell turned his talents into a successful business writing grants for non-profit organizations.

After attaining his Ph.D., Chadwick Carter Blackwell started Grassroots Grant Writers Company whose mission was to help small businesses and non-profit organizations secure funding and increase donor pools. Taking great care to learn the details of each organization he represented, Chadwick Carter Blackwell has become respected in the grant writing industry as a professional that works hard to match great companies up with great investors. Believing in the mission of taking care of your fellow human being, Chadwick Blackwell concentrates his professional efforts on helping businesses whose goal is to help others with their services.

Chadwick Carter Blackwell knows more than most the struggles non-profits face just trying to stay afloat in these tough economic times. For this reason, Chadwick Blackwell has devoted his grant writing expertise to many worth-while organizations that will do the community a great service by staying operational. Chadwick Blackwell’s ability to secure funding for non-profits has been a key factor in their ongoing success.

Although Chadwick Carter Blackwell is in the process of working on additional business projects, he remains dedicated to ensuring that organizations that have a goal to help others through their services are matched up with funding sources that share their passion. Chadwick Blackwell’s strong network of professionals and associations allows him the unique opportunity to communicate with a variety of companies in the attempt to find the best fit for his clients.


Chadwick Blackwell believes that professional growth sometimes tends to occur in the background, without our notice. One day we’re students, the next, it seems, we’re seasoned professionals with multiple responsibilities. As in Chadwick Carter Blackwell’s case, it is an ongoing process that requires conscious participation. For Chadwick Blackwell, professional advancement has been a long journey but well worth the road. Chadwick Carter Blackwell believes that the pursuit of growth, whether personal or professional, is vital to a fulfilling life.

As a young high school student, primed to apply to college, Chadwick Carter Blackwell began to hone his vision of his future. Chadwick Blackwell was attracted to the field of psychology, and pursued both his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in succession. Eventually going on to earn his Ph.D., a large part of Chadwick Carter Blackwell’s personal and professional growth occurred throughout his academic career. After earning his doctorate, Chadwick Blackwell has experienced much success in his business endeavors.

Able to overcome any challenge, Chadwick Blackwell’s professional career has evolved with his experience. Currently, Chadwick Carter Blackwell owns three unique businesses that all have very different methods but the same goal: to improve the lives of others. Chadwick Blackwell is an expert at multi-tasking, which comes in handy given the multitude of hats he dons daily. Chadwick Carter Blackwell’s consistent motivation to continually pursue professional growth has been his desire to help others.

The commonality between Chadwick Carter Blackwell’s professional pursuits indicates that he is a compassionate man with a big heart. In his Grassroots Grant Writers organization, Chadwick Blackwell chose to specialize in helping non-profits so that they, in turn, can help the community as a whole. Combining his expertise in grant writing, research, and psychology, Chadwick Blackwell has an optimistic outlook of the future and looks forward to helping others achieve their full potential.


Chadwick Blackwell knows the extreme importance of having a positive attitude in life, because

without one everything will seem a lot harder. To keep his positivity in abundance, Chadwick

Blackwell reads books in the psychology and philosophy fields so he is better able to stay on top

of his expertise. Chadwick Blackwell knows that if he slips in his academic life, he would be a

much more negative person so he strives to never let this happen.


If you’re wondering if Chadwick Blackwell ever has bad days the answer is naturally, of course!

Don’t we all? However, he has found that the more effort you put into staying happy the less

effort you have to put into getting upset. Getting upset takes more energy and causes more undue

stress on yourself so it is simply not worth it! Everything is based around your mentality towards

things happening in your life. Chadwick Blackwell believes you can let emotions and

circumstance control your life or you can control your own life. Choose to be happy and you will



According to Chadwick Blackwell, spending time with his family is a great way to stay positive

because they show him that life is worth living as long as you’re smiling and in good company.

Chadwick Blackwell also likes to spend time grooming and riding his horses or playing catch

with his dogs. “It is the simple things that keep us happy, it is the complex things that keep us

interested,” proclaims Chadwick Blackwell.


Having discovered this unique outlook on life, Chadwick Blackwell has devoted his time to

giving back and volunteering in his community in order keep others living positively. His

Christian beliefs encourage him to spread the natural joy of life and look for the best in everyone

and everything.


One of Chadwick Carter Blackwell’s newest endeavors is creating a geotechnical engineering
firm working in soil analysis to help companies secure construction permits in the state of
Virginia, Washington D.C., Maryland, and North Carolina. The company will be called Gruene
and is currently working on developing a website to kick-start its arrival.

Simultaneously, Chadwick Carter Blackwell is working on a second company called Conscentia,
a non-profit organization dealing with researching industrial organizational psychology. These
two businesses are still very much in the building stages, but Chadwick Carter Blackwell has big
plans for their success.

“The hardest part in developing a new company is knowing where to start,” says Chadwick
Carter Blackwell. “Once you get your footing right, it is easier to act on your ideas to make them
a reality.” Before taking his ideas to the level of actually creating them, Chadwick Carter
Blackwell networked with his peers and colleagues for support in his endeavors; this is a crucial
step because it is easier to fail on your own; however, if you have a team of professionals behind
you the odds are much more in your favor.

In regards to Gruene’s website, Chadwick Carter Blackwell says the hardest factor is establishing
the type of appearance you want your business to have. A business’s website is very important to
the success rate with customers, especially in today’s world. If you’re not willing to put the effort
into your site it may simply be better to not start a company, says Chadwick Carter Blackwell.
With most customers having internet access at home or even on their phones, business will be
dependent upon the feeling they get from your online presence. It is due to this exact reason that
Chadwick Carter Blackwell is taking all the time he needs to start up the website, that way he
can ensure its success.


Chadwick Blackwell has been to many major United States cities due to his academic career that
requires him to attend workshops and lectures by his colleagues. It was only after these
experiences that he discovered the benefits of travel. Originally a man bent on attending schools
in his home state of Virginia, Chadwick Blackwell has since changed his colors and now raves
about the opportunities travel can introduce.

For one, you are immersed in a world that is unlike the one you are used to which causes the
mind to adapt and encourages creative thought and curiosity. Chadwick Blackwell declares
travel one of the best ways to get re-inspired after too much time living through the monotony of a daily routine. He says that after a trip, although physically a bit tired, he feels rejuvenated in the mind and ready to conquer the next academic challenge.

Chadwick Blackwell says it is important to realize the difference between “travel” and
“vacation.” “Travel” is the opportunity to understand alternate ways of life; this is what he goes
through on business trips. “Vacation” is simply an escape bent on relaxation, something
Chadwick Blackwell finds hard to do because his mind is always working on the next thing.

There has been one time in his past when Chadwick Blackwell found an amazing reason to
travel: it was during his time as a volunteer in Juneau, Alaska. While volunteering, Chadwick
Blackwell found the same source of energy he would experience later in life when traveling, an
energy that encouraged the unknown and ignited curiosity. However while his time in Alaska
was spent a bit more outdoors than his academic workshops were, Chadwick Blackwell learned
similar things about himself and the capabilities he had to continue bettering the education of


Chadwick Carter Blackwell has given many presentations across the country. Some of his
presentations have taken him to Boston, New York, Yellow Springs, OH, and even New Orleans,
which included the presentation of his dissertation. One of the many reasons for these
presentations is Chadwick Carter Blackwell’s partnership with students in their research projects.
This is a very rewarding experience for Chadwick Carter Blackwell because he is able to stand
alongside his students as they articulate all of the hard work and research they’ve invested into
their projects.

Chadwick Carter Blackwell is also very involved with American Association for Health
Education (AAHE), which works to educate the public about health and how to implement
healthy habits into education. It is through this organization that Chadwick Carter
Blackwell gives many of his presentations; largely through his role as a panel discussion leader,
in which he aids in future assessments.

Chadwick Carter Blackwell strongly believes in AAHE and it’s cause because it embodies his
aspiration of making things the smoothest, most efficient version of themselves. He has also
presented in workshops regarding the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) as
well as the National Coalition of Alternative Community Schools (NCAS.) NAIS is a non-profit
meant to represent independent schools and associations in the U.S. while NCAS is an
organization meant to promote alternative education, a passion of Chadwick Carter Blackwell’s.

During his conference in Yellow Springs, Chadwick Carter Blackwell participated in a workshop
regarding social belongingness in school and its effects, a highly important topic in child
education. From his workshops, Chadwick Carter Blackwell is introduced to new material that
helps build his courses and inspire the researcher in himself to pursue the topics introduced even
further. Chadwick Carter Blackwell is able to utilize the information gained from these seminars
to produce more content based coursework.


While at the University of Virginia-Hampton Roads Center, Chadwick Blackwell developed and
taught a course on Children’s Learning. He created this course specifically for UVa graduates
students living in the Norfolk, Va. area to help them better understand basic principles and
encourage thinking outside the box of normal thought processes. The course proves successful,
as many students commended Chadwick Blackwell on his ability to challenge their usual way of

While at Mary Baldwin College, Chadwick Blackwell was also in charge of course planning and
instruction. He finds that creating new courses allows him to reassess what he truly knows about
his field and creates more room to incorporate new material. “If we continue to raise the same
type of minds, we’re never going to better ourselves,” states Chadwick Blackwell. That is the
beauty behind new courses, they are constantly adapting to the now rather than simply sticking to
the information society has been familiar with over many years.

Chadwick Blackwell believes creating new courses also ignites a fire in the minds of students to
conquer the curriculum, as they are the first students of its kind. With new problems to solve and
new textbooks to read, creating new courses has proven to be one of  Chadwick Blackwell’s
favorite things to have the chance to do as a professor.

This practice goes along well with Chadwick Blackwell’s dissertation “Redefining Educational
Effectiveness: Transcending Traditional Measures of School-Wide Effectiveness.” The process
of delving into the unknown is extremely exciting for Chadwick Blackwell, and gives him
opportunity to keep learning even though his days as a traditional student have passed. Chadwick
Blackwell is a perpetual learner, seeking new knowledge everyday to share with others.

If you’re curious what inspires Chadwick Blackwell’s new course material you can contact him at: (888) 675-1245!